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Brag House History

Brag House released its first Bragket for eSports March Madness in 2020 and has become the #1 home for college esports in the nation!

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The Brag House Mission

We are bringing the world a revolutionary new one-stop shop platform that integrates and enhances the gamer and fan experience for the collegiate eSports universe. eSports draws 500 Million viewers annually. Yet, only the top 1% of gamers participate in eSports tournaments. The non-professional gamers and everyone else are just spectators without a home.

Brag House is that home! We combine the fanaticism of the collegiate community with the competitive play for the passionate, nonprofessional gamers and we are the ONLY one to offer both a fan and gamer experience focused exclusively on the college market.

With pre and post-game interviews, live streaming of matches and commentary from our announcers, we make eSports exciting to all collegiate gamers across the nation.

Brag On!

The Brag House is a non-gambling platform and in no way, shape, or form, condones online gambling.